How to Make Wooden Lounge Chair Video

You can often find a lounge chair on decks and patios. Usually the lounge chair may have a thick pad built from foam which is covered in an outdoor material. Below is the video on how to make wooden lounge chair:

  • Measure the width and the length of the lounge and add 3 inches. Cut 2 pieces of indoor/outdoor fabric according to those sizes. The extra inches enable the depth of the lounge cushions.
  • Cut fabric 12 inches square on your pocket. Turn one edge under 1/4-inch and sew a hem. Fold the fabric face sides together so the hem edge is 1-inch from the raw edge. Sew 1/4-inch seams across the 3 sides in which the fabric faces match. Turn the fabric right side out.
  • Measure your existing lounge chair from the top corner to the spot of the pocket, which may be just underneath the position where the chair back curves to turn into the seat. Place one piece of your lounge fabric face-up on the work table. Measure from the top corner of the fabric (minus the seam allowance) the same distance as the chair measurement, and position the pocket face side up along the edge, with the bottom of the pocket toward the center of the lounge. The raw 1-inch edge should line up with the raw edge of the lounge fabric. Pin the pocket there. Place the second fabric piece face side down and pin the top and sides of the fabric together, sandwiching the pocket edge in the seam.
  • Sew a 1/2-inch hem along both sides and across the top. Turn the cover right side out. Cut hook-and-loop tape to fit across the bottom seam and sew half of the tape to the top fabric and half of the tape to the bottom fabric. Slide your cover over your lounge chair so that the pocket is open along the edge.
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